The beauty of enigma

  That side of me camouflaged Not ready to be exposed That side of me that wanders  Trying to find hold That side of me that laughs Rolling on the floor That side of me that shed tears Hiding behind the doors That side of me that belongs To me as a whole I love […]


If only I could use the right words all timeI may not have to speak inside my mindWhy do I have to do the math & talkCalculative about my thoughtsWhy can’t my words flow like a free verse untamed, unfiltered from my heart to yoursBecause often you don’t understand things the way I sayOr maybe […]

Unmasked souls

  Where a few unspoken words soothe the soul more than meaningless long talks. Where comfort comes from speaking eyes before words do the talking. Where a warm hug conveys more than endless conversations. Where love flows regardless of any conditions. Where silence is understood better than sugar coated words. I wish to swim along […]

Nature heals

A big hello to all my fellow bloggers. Hope everyone is safe & doing well during these times. I know there is a lot going on in this world at this point. It gets frustrating but still, we all have to keep the faith that things will get better, even though it may take time. […]

One step at a time

Finding my way One step at a time When times are tough Go one step at a time Overcoming stress One step at a time Learning to cope One step at a time Not losing hope One step at a time Craving for cure One step at a time Letting it go One step at […]

Don’t Judge Me

Don’t judge me if I wake up late Or sleep past midnight another date. Don’t judge me if I overeat one day & diet & fast the next day. Don’t judge me if I rest or run, Some days I want to be lazy & on others win a marathon. Don’t judge me if I […]