” Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty”


Happiness lies in being content
Are you content?
What is the feeling of contentment?
Is it in fulfilling all your desires? Or is it in finishing your to do list everyday? Or
Is it being happy in everything you do small or big?Will you be content if you were like Bill Gates?or solving a simple computer issue for your kid gives you the feeling of contentment.
Will you be content if crowned as Master chef for the world or you feel happy to see the smile of your family when making their fav. Meal…

I think contentment is all about being happy & satisfied in each & everything you do or have.
It’s being completely relaxed in whatever you do rather than rushing to finish up tasks & reaching or achieving our Goals in life.
What are we rushing for in our lives everyday? Is there anything like a final destination? I don’t think so…
In rushing to finish things one after the other we just end up in chaos & a state of stress & more pressure if a task remains incomplete.We end up in being exhausted at the end of the day, Unhappy about how our day went & thinking how we could have made it better by doing this & not that.Who doesn’t want to live a peaceful & simple life free of stress?More importantly all of us want to sleep at night with the feeling of satisfaction from how our day went.Can you count how many days were you happy about how you spent the day?Was it up to your expectations?
Let’s take a step back & ask ourselves what is really important for us?
First step would be understanding that we can’t possibly do everything.
Let’s eliminate all of our commitments & focus on the ones really important.
Enjoy the task that moment,focus only on the thing you are doing at one particular time.It might not be easy but with reminders you would be able to do so.
Sometimes it’s so good to forget about doing things,and doing nothing.
Take a break from everything & just relax.
Be in the Present be like a child.
When your kid is lost in playing video games
Or  watching TV & has no time to respond to your question you often complain, but they are lost enjoying their game all focus is there, they are not thinking about anything else.
When children are upset & they react in an angry way nothing matters to them then what they are upset about.The next moment they will forget that & carry on with the next thing, without any grudge or regrets.
That is why they say never let the child in you die which simply means be worry free,enjoy whatever you are doing.Focus on the single task than wandering your mind over 10 other things.
There could be a never ending list of things you want to do & you will keep on adding to it more with each passing day.To think about finishing everything on your to-do list can be quite overwhelming.
So instead of trying to finish every task on your list cut it short to 2 or 3 things that is really important for you moreover which gives you peace of mind & makes you feel happy…
See how you feel everyday with this little change in your life…
Life is not so complicated as we make it.We can make the best out of our life with very simple changes.
Changes which cost us nothing.
Feel content & fill your life with true happiness everyday.


2 thoughts on “” Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty”

  1. We should always be content with our lives…and believe that whatever lows we are going through are only going to lead us to the beautiful things God has in stock for us! “There is always brightness at the end of a tunnel”
    Let’s all be content with what we have..and find the little joys in life! Truly thought-provoking article, cheers! x

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