Eye opener incidents can only be enlightening.

Are you scared of so called eye opener incidents?
Next time if they worry you.Rethink with this perspective…
You rest at night with your eyes close.That’s your relaxing mode after a long day.You sink in bed forgetting your worries.You dream good & smile.You dream bad,worry,cry & wake up smiling only feeling better that it was just a dream.
When you open your eyes in the morning a new day awaits you.Another day of life.Nobody knows what lies ahead in the day but mornings are always new & fresh.As you open your eyes morning brings new hope,new thoughts,new plans for making life more bright & meaningful.That is, what I think is an eye opener and so are these eye opener incidents.They come as a wake up call for you to start a new beginning,a new approach,a new mindset,a new attitude.Don’t allow ’em to shake you.Instead stay firm & be thankful to ’em for giving you a new experience to learn from.
There may be 100 reasons to worry about & making your life dull.
But you have the power to think about the 1000 others & make it bright.
Always open your eyes only to make ’em twinkle with your smile.
Eye openers can only be enlightening!
Enjoy everyday as if it were your last.Life is  not a rehearsal.It’s living now or never.


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