Be Yourself!

If there is happiness it’s in being you.Find yourself & be yourself.You can admire people for what they are,you can be happy for a while being like ’em but that happiness would be temporary.You will be always trying hard to be a second version of someone who already exists & as someone said, “It is better to be a first rated version of you yourself “.In this race may be you will find happiness but that will be at the cost of loosing your identity.
Stop comparing yourself with others
Spend time with your inner self see what you want.Respect the person you are.Think about it,you can follow your shadow in light but never forget there will also be night.If your own shadow leaves you then need I say more…:)
We often get inspired by people for different reasons it could be the way someone dresses up,the way they talk,their approach towards life,where they are in their career,the way they bring up their kids,Whatever talent they have but in this process of inspiration how much time you are wasting in ignoring your own hidden talents.What may be good for others may not work the same way for you know your limits.We all know that red & yellow makes orange but how many of you have painted your orange fruit mixing red & yellow.The original Orange will always be judged better than the mixed one.
Be yourself & find that inner peace.


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