Never let the innocence in you age.

As we  age & get to know more about people & life through our experiences , we miss being a child again. Why? As a child we always wanted to grow old to be able to enjoy all those things that grown ups do. From being able to take our own decisions to being able to drive, dress up like them, go out alone, earn money , spend it the way we like,
Being answerable to only self.
As a kid we always admire being an adult. A baby girl always wanted to dress up like mom  & pretend to be like her.A boy  wanted to dress up like his dad & behave like him too.
Taking there positions & playing there parts was the best childhood game for us.
As we grow up….things change we earn, we spend , we finally get a chance to take our decisions, we play all those roles that we use to fake as a kid.
Of a mom, a wife, career woman, a dad, husband & many other roles. We don’t have to be financially strong to be an Adult . It is a natural process that happens to all. Every person’s childhood dream of being an adult comes true .
This phase should give us extreme happiness now that we are independent & capable of taking our own decisions… but is  that really happening? Are we happy doing what we always wanted to do? To be an Adult? Let’s give a few minutes & think about it, so are we thinking? Well, when one is extremely happy he has no time to think. We got our answers…
We all at some point remember our childhood & want to be back to the same life again, the worry free life & then begins the process of complain with our friends, our family .
What has changed so much? We are adults, we know this world better, we know many things which we were unaware of as a kid.  We know how to be wise with the usage of words. We are more intelligent, more smart. We have all the qualities of an “Adult”. All people know us but they still don’t know all about us. We are smart enough to hide what we don’t want to tell. We can’t share every feeling with friends because even they are grown up now & they may take things differently. It’s because, now, even there understanding has gotten better. After all they are more mature.
As a child when we shared our secret with our same age friend we used to go to extreme consequences of a small problem. We used to worry for 5 minutes & then we forgot & were back to our play, like nothing happened. But now as adults, if we share something with somebody, you never know when they will form an opinion about you & if the word is spread than 100 more educated, more mature grown ups will have different opinion about it.
Sometimes a simple easy situation would be aggravated by all & a bruise would turn into a wound & a sleeping person would be declared dead.
Forget about sharing the real world big problems. The sane one would understand but the understanding ones will have strong opinions, people will try judging you & you’ll be famous for no reason…:)

All these things just indicate one thing that at any age at any point in life – Ignorance is bliss. It’s so important to have the innocence & ignorance of a child, no matter whatever age we are. Its so important to be happy in simple things, and to not have any expectations from anybody so there is nobody to disappoint you. It is so important to live & let people live. Its vital to have all these qualities of a child which in the process of growing up are lost somewhere but which is the actual essence of life.
If we ever fall, may we be able to cry, wipe our tears & get up without hundred mouth telling us the causes & consequences of falling.
Let’s not complicate life as we grow up. We cannot change how others think & treat life but we sure can change our way of thinking & living. Let each one of us make an attempt & make life easy for ourselves & others. After-all we are social beings.
It’s never too late to change your outlook.
Let’s do it for better & unburden ourselves from all the grown up load that we are taking . Try one thing at a time & feel fresh like a child all over again . It’s like taking baby steps but each small step forward makes a BIG difference.
As someone said, ” If you have time to whine & complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.”


2 thoughts on “Never let the innocence in you age.

  1. I agree with many of your points in fact all but one. and that is the subject of our fame, or infamy if you will. depending on our culture meaning the way we are raised we are often instilled with a moral code. what is right and what is wrong. we are taught natural consequences for our actions and inaction. in my life and in my upbringing i have learned that their are but two opinions of me that matter. they are these; mine and god for none others may judge me. this in no way suggest that they wont, because they will, just as surely as we live and breath we will be judged for the way we draw breath and how we live. but what i have learned to not care, or rather to take great effort to train myself to not allow it to effect me. to do my level best in all that i put my hands to, so lose win or draw the outcome is earned by my best effort and one could never have regrets about outcome when they have put forth their very best effort.

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