Learn to swim with life instead of drowning in it.

Learn to swim with life instead of drowning in it.Materialistic pleasures can only  bring temporary happiness.
Real & ongoing happiness lies in simple things like…
Being kind at heart,nothing gives your heart a better feeling than doing something kind.
Expressing Gratitude for every thing you have instead of yearning for what you don’t.
By asking yourself when you worry for small matters, Will this have any importance in your life one year from now?
By Avoiding any kind of comparison with people you know.Be happy with your own progress & praise others for theirs.
By staying away from naysayers,
It is so important to surround yourself with positive energy.
By valuing the people who love & care for you.
By remembering that every problem has a solution.
Never look for approval from others for your own life decisions.It’s your life, nobody can decide better for it ,other than you.Once you have control on your own life you don’t have anybody else to do the blame game.
Be ready to accept the things which cannot be changed & learn to live with it.
Exercise to stay fit.The more fit you are the more ready you are for challenges.
You don’t need money for all this just a little reminder that it’s easy to be happy if you think it is.
Last but not the least never stop dreaming, never allow age or any other factor stop you from following your passions.
When we are busy & our focus is on our goals there is no time for any unhappy thing to bother us.
God helps those who help themselves.
Learn to help yourself & he will bless you always.


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