Perfection is illusion.

Perfection is illusion , a beautiful life is always a mix of highs & lows.
When we are amid nature all of us look for a place close to water.Be it the vast blue ocean water or a small lake in a park . All of it is so soothing to the eyes. When the ocean is calm we relax, when we see waves we never know what is coming to us .A big wave or a small one. All we want is to be safe & be able to surf over it rather than drowning in it. We Know somewhere in our heart, that high wave will eventually settle down & we will float with the flow, back to where we started with a big smile on our face that we made it.
We get a thrilling yet beautiful experience, all that matters in the end is just one thing- that we made it through. We should not forget that, if water looks refreshing & soothing in its calm form, it has to fall to make that amazing Waterfall! To watch it is Pure Bliss!
Falling is not always bad if you know to stand up & keep moving forward.
If you think you can, you sure can.


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