Evolve in Parenting.

Raising kids is a learning process. Nobody can be a expert in parenting. You evolve in parenting too. I think most importantly we cannot be a good parent by learning or acting like other parents around, whom we admire as parents. We can sure be good by learning from our own kids because every kid […]

You cannot give Chocolates, if you have pepper. Grow with your Internal Dialogue.

Internal Dialogue… We all do it! What is this internal dialogue? It’s the conversation we do with ourselves or what is called as self talk. Lot of us do it from time to time. It’s about things that we did, it’s about all that we want to do, it’s about how people treat us or […]

Living in today is the solution of all the uncertain tomorrow’s. living in this moment is the solution for all the uncertain next moments. If there is nothing to be sad about in this moment, Smile! Be happy & celebrate The happy moment now. 🙂  

Appreciation, who doesn’t like it? I think appreciation is the key to every happy relationship. It beautifies each relation & makes it even stronger. There is something in everybody worth appreciating. Make someone’s day. Don’t hesitate, just appreciate.