Celebrate life not gender.

It’s not about a girl or a boy.

It’s about a baby or rather it should only be about a baby!

A baby is soft, cute, cuddly, lovable, innocent, oblivious of what’s going on in the world, understands only the language of love. Smile of a baby can brighten up any sad face & can distress any soul. There is nothing more soothing & comforting than the hold of ones finger in baby’s little fist. Then why do some people differentiate between genders?

I’m not thinking from any gender’s perspective as what usually I see people do. I very well understand the importance of life as opposed to significance of gender. Always makes me ponder and at times irritated to see all those “opinionated” people.

Being a daughter I know what it is to be a daughter. I’m blessed that my parents never differentiated between me & my brother. 

It makes me sick to the heart when people kill their babies or are force to do so in the womb if it’s a girl. For that matter all those people who celebrate when it’s a boy & react weirdly when a girl is born. On the other hand, in an effort to change this narrow minded thinking and stop the ghastly act towards girl child, people these days tend to glorify a girl’s birth and demean the birth of a boy. Why so? Why do people need to send those chain msgs signifying a girl as more caring towards her parents as against a boy?

How nice it would be, if we would accept a baby as a blessing without differentiating. 

Being a mom of a son, I proudly say that he is as precious & adorable to me as a girl would be. Buying cute pink skirts & frocks makes a mom of a baby girl happy, so does buying cute  baby boy clothes makes his mom happy. 

I’m also tempted to buy all cool cars for him as one would buy dolls for their little girl.
I also put his priorities before mine. He being sad makes me sad & his smile brightens up my day.
Where is the difference?

I think a mother is happy to be a mother rather than being happy to be a son’s mother or daughter’s mother.

Let’s treat a baby as a baby.
Let’s say that a life is born & we have to nurture it with all our love & care.

Lets celebrate life not gender.
















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