You cannot give Chocolates, if you have pepper. Grow with your Internal Dialogue.

Internal Dialogue… We all do it!

What is this internal dialogue?

It’s the conversation we do with ourselves or what is called as self talk.
Lot of us do it from time to time. It’s about things that we did, it’s about all that we want to do, it’s about how people treat us or about how we treat them, our expectations from others, there expectations from us, or it can be about our kids are we doing things right in the process of bringing them up, or relationship   with family & friends or about our career, fitness….& the list goes on.
How doing certain things in a certain way could have made things better or would make things better? I think the time we spend during this dialogue with self, influences us a great deal.
Either we come to conclusions or it leads to confusions. As long as we benefit from this process & it helps us being a better person its a wonderful thing to do but let’s go back & try to recollect few such sessions with self that we had & what was the outcome? It’s alrite if you can’t recollect but next time you engage yourself in any kind of self talk, short or lengthy try to keep a journal & assess urself what is your talk all about, what is it filled with ( complains or contentment, what does it lead you to a better you or leaves you feeling worse).

 Was just wondering how many times do we praise ourselves in the process of self talking?

It’s good to be self critical & learn from it but not all the time. If you are one of them then its time to wake up. We’re being taught to be modest, nobody likes people who brag but I think it is so important to do so at least with self sometimes. Try & see the miracles it does to your personality, ok lets keep it to praise  if I sound too insane. Handle yourself with love & caress, praise yourself for all the good in you, be it the smallest thing you did. Tell yourself when something goes wrong that its ok. You don’t deserve the harsh treatment you give yourself.

This world is already filled with a bunch of people who always criticize (good or bad). They can be found anywhere without any sign saying (beware! we criticize) Have you wondered why?

People always give what they have.

Some people are always criticizing themselves . Some have that behavior trait & the others because a lot of us are brought with a notion that it’s always good to (realize your mistakes, take responsibility of your mistakes & learn from them. You are wrong , admit it , don’t blame. You can be good. Be the best of everything so nobody has anything left to criticize you). I also believe that there is nothing wrong in learning from mistakes & taking responsibility of them but I wish in childhood there was an equal emphasis on (you are good at so many things, you can’t be perfect in all, the most important thing for you in life is being happy about all the good things you have & improving all other you want to have. Compare yourself with self & be better. Appreciate others for all good in them if it impresses you, learn, but never lose who you really are. Be yourself! Love yourself its  only then you’ll be able to love others . Learn from mistakes but don’t sit with it for long otherwise it will lead to many more.) Think about it, we often complain when people criticize us or bring us down. We don’t like such people in our lives . We all want to surround ourselves with people who motivate us. Then what about we ourselves? You can’t run from self.
It’s never too late to deal with things it’s all about correct diagnosis. If you are the problem, you are the solution. Fill your Internal Dialogue with love & appreciation, Faith & trust, healing & understanding. Reassurance to self that you are good instead of saying, ‘not so bad’.
   If you appreciate yourself, only then you’ll be able to appreciate others.
Because you cannot give chocolates if you have pepper.

Don’t let this most important conversation be filled with Fixed beliefs. Never forget that the only thing constant in life is change. Change is a ongoing process. Be open to embrace it for a better life, for a better you.

Love the time that you spend with yourself. So you can proudly say, I’m always surrounded with positive people in life. 


2 thoughts on “You cannot give Chocolates, if you have pepper. Grow with your Internal Dialogue.

  1. Wonderful article
    There is always few internal dailogue goes into my mind about myself but now i have to work on those and praise myself
    Rightly said its all how we feel about others if we keep positive attitude we automaticaly get surronded with good and positive people.
    Thanks for lighting this thought
    Always smile and Stay healthy
    Pracs 😉

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