Let the Journey Begin…

Sometimes we have to dig through mud to be ready to open our beautiful petals one by one & grow into a beautiful flower. No Mud, No Lotus.

When you are sick or suffering away from the world trying to get the strength & power to boost yourself & get up again, looking for support in the eyes of so called people you know, just to say few words of love & support that “don’t worry, why are you so quiet , everything will be fine soon”. Nobody has time to talk or ask.

You get up & decide that no matter what you wouldn’t give up but keep moving forward & enjoy life not for anybody else but for yourself & for all those who really care, these so called people suddenly wake up, get alert, start noticing you, start worrying for you that how come after all the trouble you are facing, you are still enjoying life .
They will come up to you for asking, how are you feeling my dear is everything fine now? Looks like it is. I just noticed that you are enjoying life, you are happy, you are smiling and doing all things which normally a sick person would not.So I thought of taking out time and asking …how is your health now?
Many of you will be able to relate with this situation, as we all go through such times.
How are you supposed to feel in such a situation or how have you felt at such times?
From people not being bothered about us to the stage where all of a sudden they become the most concerned lots, you may feel upset, sad, alone, helpless, hopeless, depressed, frustrated, annoyed, agitated & may go through a series of overwhelming emotions which will only add to your already existing pain.
I think that sickness or any kind of suffering in itself has its own pain which can only be understood by the person who experiences it & strong repercussions of such are felt by those who see the person suffering or the immediate family. No matter how much ever good you are at having empathy still you cannot feel the pain.
All you need is reassurance that things will fall in place & you need it the most from the people who know you. (I think needless to mention they are close ones or not) because pain just needs cure , source is not important.
As I personally don’t like to stay in a sad situation for a long time, specially the ones which I have control on, so lets change our focus &
Look at the brighter side of it, what else do we get during this journey? Yes! You are right, to start with a very good experience about people in our life, experience of our inner strength that no matter how tough the time be the moment we decide to move forward, change begins. We get to learn how to make right choices in life.
Now think about all those who were always there to support you during such times. The people who were there to help you in the littlest possible way. Who always boosted your morale, no matter what. Who assured you that things are going to be fine. Who kept you in your prayers.
Is the number count of such people less?Don’t worry about it. We have a tendency of focusing on bigger nos. of everything in life forgetting that good things always comes in small packages. What are you thinking, thank God & feel blessed you are lucky to have found Angels in your life.

I know they didn’t come in white glowing outfits & bird like wings to help you out as per mythology but they were there to support you in your much needed time & gave you the lift to spread your wings & start flying again. Let’s call them Human Angels.
So what Do we Name the other lot?
Opinion may differ here. I would like to label them as Humans or common man.
I’m glad to have found my angels & hope to be blessed by more in life to come. Look for yours & feel blessed.
I know how it feels to have support in any form when times are tough. We all have ours & if my post could help any of you find the angels in your life
It will sure add to my happiness.
If at all you’re sick, it’s time to start healing.
Let the journey begin with a smile!


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