Evolve in Parenting.

Raising kids is a learning process. Nobody can be a expert in parenting.

You evolve in parenting too.

I think most importantly we cannot be a good parent by learning or acting like other parents around, whom we admire as parents. We can sure be good by learning from our own kids because every kid is different.There cannot be a fixed rule for all in bringing up kids.It always has to go by Trial & error method.  There is a lot to learn from kids besides teaching them all the time what’s right & what’s wrong for them. 

It is a constant learning process, you make mistakes & learn from them, just as we often guide our kids to learn from their mistakes.

 Being a mom myself & looking at the confusions parents go through in dealing with their child writing about this is of utmost importance to me. Also because I love kids a lot. If this would make sense to anybody reading it, this would be worth a share. Now coming back to the topic.

        Do you ever sit back & realize how many expectations you have from your kids. It may be the result of peer pressure or just because you as kid never got enough opportunities & so you want to see your kids fulfilling all that you could not do as a child. We’re forgetting that these plentiful pressures which are upon us we are not the only one dealing with it but our kids feel it too.

Unknowingly, you are passing on stress to your kids at a very small age. I don’t mean to say that leave your kids for just playing around. I just want to say let them feel easy about life. Don’t steal their authenticity. Give them a chance to explore their talents & keep giving them a boost whenever they need it rather than foisting on them your wishes. They have their own potential, look for it. Instill in them love for things. So that they enjoy whatever they do. They cannot standout all the time in everything. It’s good to have the habit of dealing with disappointments at an early age. Support them when they go through disappointment. Let them perform for themselves rather than you. Our job is to keep reinforcing what is good for them but don’t forget that everyone needs space.

As experienced adults do you like a boss who keeps pushing you to achieve targets,who wants you to work day & night to meet his expectations? Or for that matter do you like doing any work when somebody forces you for that,  even if you are not willing to do it? Are you able to perform good in such conditions? The answer is a big No! 

Let Your kids Fly, 

Let them fly as birds not as kites.

Firm less often & affirm much more..

Your love for them is unconditional. But if you have to set a reminder in their brain to realize that too then it’s you who need awakening not them.

Think about It. 




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