Filled with Joy! Thanks a lot to all the people who liked what I wrote & to all my Followers.

As I opened my blog today, I saw a cute little trophy highlighting on the right.  With a smile on my face I clicked & opened it. It said“Congratulations! you’ve received  10 follows to your blog”.


With a feeling of pride I checked my trophy case. I really like this feature in WordPress to motivate its bloggers.
I don’t know if it’s me or it happens with all, but I was a bit nervous with the thought of blogging when I started. I had lot of questions in my mind:-

Will it be a good idea to connect with strangers?

I write for peace of mind; what if it may lead to debates; will I be able to handle it?

What is it that I want to tell that so many wonderful writers have not talked about earlier?
What if there are strict rules in blogging? What if one day I have nothing to write about? Will I be able to maintain my authenticity?

But, as they say, when something is destined to happen, nobody could stop it from happening. I do believe whatever happens it happens for good.

Some events in life made me realize that it’s now or never.If you really wish to do something the sooner you start the better it is. There is no point in procrastinating on the basis of doubts. To keep myself  relaxed, I thought that let me think of blog as my own personal notebook  & the tools of blogging as those pen, pencils, crayons, highlighters & eraser, which are a important part of writing.  I read the basic rules of blogging & made myself aware of the most important setting for me at that time to change it from public to private until I feel confident 🙂

It took me some time & then I got the hang of it. Made some efforts to beautify it by changing theme & stuff but didn’t wanted to do much on that front cause I believe that content of my blog was the most important thing for me. I just wanted it to have the basic features which makes it easier for my readers.

I sure cleared one of my doubts during this process & that was, just as there are many books talking about the same topic but the same book may not appeal to all & just as I understand some books better than the other or I must say I’m able to relate with it better so it is with different write-ups.

 Just like all flowers are beautiful but some like roses, some like lilies…

  I just knew one thing, to Be Myself!  To write from my soul. To not lose my authenticity.
I opened up my diary/notes & started looking for my write-ups & quotes that I would like to share on my blog. Posted couple of them.
Then there was this day when I saw a little orange bright star which said april4june6 liked my post.

I was extremely happy to get my first like that to from a complete stranger. The feeling was great!
Thanks for giving me my first blog smile dear april4june6You sure made my day!
I’m extremely happy that I took the decision of blogging. The fear of strangers has faded away.  It’s actually so wonderful to meet so many new people through their thoughts. It’s all so inspiring
Why am I writing all this today?

Because today is a special day for me, as I read that I got a trophy for 10 follows on my blog. It sure is very encouraging. I don’t know if there is any rule for thanking your followers but I so feel like doing it.
   Thanks a lot to all the people who liked reading my thoughts so far & thanks to all of you my first 10 followers. (Stepheusebi, Raluca Stocia,Jarslow Play with life, kaylaoudthone, nataliesloveblog, theeditorsjournal, belikewaterproduction, gururockness, ilonca84, takingthemaskoff, urbanwallart & Love, Life & whatever)  for encouraging me to express more.
For all of those new to blogging like me would like to say that. Express yourself, let your thoughts fly, who knows where they may  rest & make a difference in someones life.

Happy blogging!


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