I want to fly, touch the sky.

Don’t give me wings, I have my own.

Don’t tie my wings, I’ll be torn.

I want to be free, to feel the breeze.

Don’t show me the road, I like to explore.

I may be small, but I still stand tall.

I may not be a perfect being, but please remember I’m a human being.

Let me taste the flight, let me take the risk, let me use my wings for the purpose they exist.

The purpose of freedom, to be free to fly, free to express, to be my own guide.

To be able to rise, when ever I fall.

To be able to enjoy, the power of my wings.

I may be wrong, but that’s how I think.

Just let me be ME then you’ll see.

Who I am? 


What I can be…










7 thoughts on “ME

    1. Thanks for all your likes Sir.
      I found lot of interesting stuff on your blog already & there is much more to explore. I personally love being in Nature & everything about it.
      Thanks for the link would love to see them too.

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