Do you have, sound Judgment not based on specialized Knowledge.

   Before we talk about whether you have the above trait or not, lets talk about an important time where you can use this quality.
 When in pain…. Pain, of any kind-
    From sickness
From being hurt
From being bullied
From not being cared
From being rejected
From failure
From losing a loved one
From lack of finance
From being cheated
From being troubled
From being used
From being ruled
From being an object of mockery
From not having kids
From being thin
From being fat
From seeing your kids in pain
Pain from suffering of people close to you.
There is varying degree & types of pain physical or mental.

It hurts badly when we face it & is heart breaking to see when a loved one goes through it.
Its very easy to advice when somebody else is going through pain. Good & thoughtful advice always helps. Because we need it, as we look for solutions,  for support,  for comfort,  for help,  for prayers,  for hope. We look for basic understanding, basic common sense in people. It’s so important in such situations for people  to know when to advice & when to be quiet . Or I must say for people to have common sense.( sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge)

 Physical suffering would be visible to all but mental suffering remains unnoticed. At such times,
let’s make sure that if we cannot reduce this pain & suffering, then we should make all efforts not to increase it.

Doing this is no rocket science. All it needs is just Common sense which is very uncommon in few folks as they say.
Let me tell a little about common sense by taking few examples. I know we all are smart enough to know the meaning of this commonly used term but still lets discuss it a little.
-Common sense is drinking water when you are thirsty.
It is also  in emptying the bladder when it gets full.

-Common sense is eating something
When you are hungry.
It is also in stopping to eat once you are full.

-Common sense is in driving the car with eyes open.
It is also in not driving when you are to sleepy to drive .

Above mentioned things are the most basic examples of common sense. ( but I’m sure many of us have not adhered to it many times or often overlooked it  & must have faced the consequences too.)
From getting their pants wet to having car accidents by driving at night.

    I personally think that you don’t have to do something special to make people feel good.

Sometimes all that others want may be for you to be there, to do nothing & just sit & listen to them, sometimes just listen to there silence.

Just like a medicine which heals without talking.

I would like to take the example of a very basic illness say, cold-cough to explain this better. I have heard that cold-cough can heal by itself in a week or so. Or for that matter any viral fever takes its times say 3-4 days or a week to get better. Why do we need medicine then or why do we want to take medicine?
What happens when we take it? It keeps the problem under control. I always think that any medicine has two kind of effects on our body one being the Medicinal Effect of keeping things under control & the other is the Psychological Effect.
When we take a pill, along with it we eat hope, have faith, believe in its power & trust that it will fix all our ailments.

They say, Will power does Miracle .
This little pill gives us that will power, which often gets unnoticed.
 We feel that the medicine did magic but we never realize what actually helped the pill to do the magic. It was our inner strength & belief.
So, for dealing with any kind of above mentioned pain in life

Besides medicine,  & our own will power, we need positive vibes from all the people around us through their common sense in dealing with us.

 In understanding the sensitivity of the situation & in not asking silly questions.

For the one who have common sense, it’s great. They know how to make others feel better. For all those others, who doubt about it let me tell you, “Common sense also lies in being quiet”.

Its fine if you don’t have this trait, there is no age to learn something good. Lets learn  to not give pain to people by our choice of words, so that our kids learn the same from us.  As they say charity begins at home, lets use our common sense at home first so our mind is trained to use it in the outside world.
  Hope my effort to spread this awareness will not go in vain.
Just want to say that,
Dear Common sense,

I love the way you are. Stay like this forever , don’t confuse your identity with Mr. Uncommon, you in all sense are a different entity. Don’t get bogged down by peoples opinion of calling you uncommon, Rise up & be yourself !!!

Let’s make this sense common to all. If we think, we can.

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