People live forever through their thoughts…Remembering Ajaytao

 People live forever through their thoughts.

 Met one such inspiring man a few days back. I can’t believe he is no more.
 No matter how hard I’m trying, its tough to not think about him.
 Why am I trying hard because I’m unable to understand that why I’m feeling so bad at a loss of a person whom I never met & have known him for just 2 weeks to be precise.
  I came across his blog & as I read his about page it touched my soul. He mentioned that he is diagnosed with cancer & the treatment is  “Palliative & not Curative.” 

   He mentioned himself as an extreme introvert & only because of this diagnosis he has decided to share his thoughts & feelings with the world. Reading about it I instantly got hooked to his blog & wished to explore it more.
As I kept reading what he had to share I was in complete awe with  all that this Man had to give to all. From his great spirit of opening up to people in such a condition, the courage that it takes for an introvert to share such an important aspect about his life that too while going through so much of pain in life.

   And while facing all the health issues, he continued to inspire so many people through his uplifting thoughts, sharing such lovely inspiring poetry & other beautiful blogs about nature, flowers & the list goes on & on. He seemed to me a wonderful man from all that I read on his blog.

      I felt blessed to know him through his blog & a bigger blessing when I saw his comment on some of my posts & saw that he has become one of my follower too. (when you get acknowledged by people who inspire you, the feeling is always extra special.)
 I loved spending time exploring & reading his wonderful thoughts on varied topics.

           Then last week I saw a post where he shared  that he got a severe cardiac problem & wouldn’t be active for a week as doctor has advised  him to stay away from computer & take rest. He also mentioned that its very tough for him to stay away from blogging because that’s a very important part of his life now.
Felt very bad to read this but like his other  friends, even I wanted him to take care of his health first before he gets to blogging again, so I messaged him to give top priority to his health.
 I was praying for his good health & waiting for a week to pass soon, so he could share something with us. Just to hear from him.
and then I come to know that  this great Man is no more. As I write this, my eyes are filled with tears again because I’m feeling pain of missing someone great from my life.
             As I read the message of his death, I couldn’t control my feelings. I cried then wiped my tears quickly thinking of what will I say to my family when they ask the reason for me being like this, that I’m crying for a blogger friend whom I just met.  How will I explain them that it seems to me that I know this man from a long time through his thoughts… But I’m thankful for my wonderful husband, who like always handled my emotions very well as I shared with him about this loss & gave me courage to deal with it. He didn’t ask me any questions, just sat with me to make me feel better reminding me that how my blogger friend was going through so much pain being sick & may be this is The best decision God could take for him.

            Even I realized with this loss today that its the thoughts of a person that you connect with & not him. This world has shortage of people with great thoughts. Shortage of people with beautiful souls. People who inspire others despite of their own problems. People who have the power to bring smile on other people’s face.

   They live to encourage & leave this earth leaving a lot to learn from their lives.Who would not feel sad when such people are not there any more.
         I don’t want to say such people die because I think such people truly live in the form of their wonderful thoughts in the hearts of people still alive. In the hearts of people, who get inspired by such souls. In the heart of the wonderful family closely related with him.
    I know a lot of people are strongly affected by this loss & there are a lot of them whom I don’t know,  but it’s very important for me to share my feelings with you all at this point of time. Pain is pain, you cannot measure who has less or who has more. All we know that when in pain, it hurts. I pray for all as I write this that may God give strength to all to deal with this or any pain in their life.

      I’m glad & blessed to know Mr Ajaytao for however short time it may be.  It was very important for me to write this post for Sir as I would like to call him.

 Important because, I wanted to mention about this great man who inspired me big time in just a short span of 2 weeks & I wanted to have a post in my blog talking all about him & another reason being, a writer can never feel better until a thought stays in his mind, it has to come out.

       I have heard that, people die only when we forget them so I’m sure that Sir( Ajaytao) will live forever with us.
Please visit his blog to know what a great Man he is…

10 thoughts on “People live forever through their thoughts…Remembering Ajaytao

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for your wonderful tribute to a beautiful man. You are correct, it matters not whether you knew Ajay Mody for a single day or a lifetime he always made you feel as if you were part of him and he part of you. These type of rare souls write their names upon our hearts and live within us regardless of time or distance. May God pour his abundant blessings upon you and give you comfort in this sad time.

  2. Hi Priyanki…while reading this post i truly felt that someone has portrayed my feelings. I had gone through the same experience the moment i came to know about Ajay bhaiya. He always addressed me as chotti behan. He was the first follower of my blog and only through this medium I strongly feel connected to him. You rightly mentioned that “people die only when we forget them so I’m sure that Sir( Ajaytao) will live forever with us”.

    This is a wonderful and lovely tribute to Ajay bhaiya…he will continue to live in our hearts.

    Wish you happiness and peace

    take care

    1. Hi Rachna,
      If my post in anyway helped you feel better than sharing my feelings is worth it.
      I’m glad to connect with all of you who have known Sir.
      He has always inspired all of us so let’s all inspire each other. I’m sure time will make things better.
      Sharing my feelings here & getting to know more people who know him is really helping me feel much lighter.
      May God bless you. Stay connected

  3. Thank so much you Priyanki….yes I would love stay connected.

    Blogging is a wonderful world, where we get to know people from all over.
    I ll go through your blog soon.


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