If the fairy grants my wish…

I wish one night when we all are asleep.blue fairy
The blue fairy arrives & grants me my wish.

& taps its magic wand to give that surprise.

when I wake up in the morning rubbing my  eyes.

     It’s not about big wishes, not about healing the sick,

not about dreams coming true, neither being slim or fit.

It’s not for winning money, or a flat tummy.

   This may sound funny, but could mean a lot to many.

   If the fairy taps its wand & does this wonder,

half the world will wake up with long noses to wonder,
from lies from their dream & when they are awake.

There will be surveys by scientist with big noses in their way,
to find the cure for this epidemic new diseases, why the nose is growing longer & causing all the tiff.

There will be war of noses in no time. It will cause destruction on Facebook, Twitter & all the minds.

   The world will get to see the biggest war of all. Destruction caused by weapons of ego & all lies.

We give examples of telling the truth, but at such time of crisis, no one will remember, but only for those cute  babies whose nose wouldn’t be affected at all. Who might be smiling, at the funny site of long nose halls. Because their heart is so pure,  free of all lies & they know what it takes to truly enjoy.
     Time & money will be wasted in research,  but no one would look deep inside for the search.
Look inside for conscience which is always there to guide.
 No one will remember that, knowledge sometimes comes, from the cutest  sites.

Those sites of Disney, Disney movies & their sweet world.  Remember about Pinocchio (the wooden puppet) & the blue fairy’s piece of advice.

  She said to Pinocchio that “First you must prove yourself to be brave, truthful, and unselfish. You must also learn to choose between right and wrong.”
“But how will I know what is right or wrong?” he asked.
“Your conscience will tell you,” said the Blue Fairy.
“What’s a conscience?” asked Pinocchio.
“That’s the small voice that people don’t always listen to,” Jiminy Cricket answered.

   Its all about being good. To let his conscience be his guide.
To learn the difference between right & wrong and then he will turn into a real boy.

  A lie keeps growing & growing & that’s the reason for the disease. The nose is growing & creating many such rifts. 

May the blue fairy makes everyone’s nose like Pinocchio, that’s what I wished.

To let everyone know how much lie exists.

 If at all we lie, then may it be for a good cause.

   Let’s take care of others feelings, be unselfish & kind.

   Let’s treat people with care & not as wooden pawns.

    Let’s be happy that the blue fairy cares for us all, she didn’t grant my wish but gave another chance.
Let’s be real to ourselves & do justice to human hood… ’cause it just takes a ‘W’ to change the hood to wood.
    If we stay like this, soon there will be that time, when we would burn to ashes, because that’s what a wood is destined.

Let’s live what we are meant for & not take the wood’s place. It’s all about being yourself, no matter what it takes.

 So lets all do our bit, to make this world a better place.

and then there will be no need,  to even hide that lovely face.


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