Capturing beauty where ever I go, recharges me to make my busy days relaxing.

IMG_6245Capturing beauty where ever I go, recharges me to make my busy days relaxing. Especially the beauty nature has to offer. I know we all have a big list to finish each day. When we enter a store to buy stuff we all are in a hurry to get it ,dump it in our cars & get going for our next work in the to do list. Basically we are loaded with a list of never ending things to take care of.

Pause my friends, in the middle of this workload & don’t forget to look up once in a while at those beautiful fluffy clouds, the amazing orange/blue shades of sky, the reflections of those beautiful trees at a nearby lake or pond & sometimes when you are out & if the clouds are generous enough to give you a rain shower, stop complaining about the mess on roads & ground, rather feel blessed to look at those green rain washed trees, those droplets of water on the grass, spider webs, leaves & the flower petals. At times just escape to jump in those rain puddles or for sipping your favorite coffee.

Nature is healing, it’s soothing, don’t be caged in your house, car or in your thoughts, break open all doors & give it a bear hug & feel the warmth right away. Sharing with you all some of my such lovely moments.                              IMG_6247IMG_6266 IMG_6282 photo (1) photo (6) photo (3) photo photo (5)


11 thoughts on “Capturing beauty where ever I go, recharges me to make my busy days relaxing.

    1. Hi Riyad,
      Actually these pictures are from a nearby park & few taken outside a usual shopping store.
      I guess its just about focusing on the beautiful things around us & sometimes you get the feeling of vacation in
      those busy days too. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Tina for your kind words & blessings.
      Whenever you write something to me, I feel I’m hearing it from two people you & Sir( Ajaytao).
      I’m so glad to connect with you.

  1. Nice post, Priyanki.

    Your deer photo reminded me of this place I just recently discovered. You can go and feed rescued wild deer (there are about 10 of them of various ages). A friend and I brought two bags of apples for them one day and had a blast feeding them through the fence. You could almost hear the “thanks” from them.


    1. Wow! It would have been such a wonderful experience for you both. I’m sure all the deer would have enjoyed the feast. 🙂
      Thanks for taking out time to read my posts & for liking them too.

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