When wishes come true the heart smiles…

When wishes come true, the heart smiles.

From a long time, I wished to see the sunrise at a beach.

photo (7)
Early morning view before Sunrise.

Being in the state where there are a lot of beaches I could have done it long back.  Plans were made a lot of times to get up early & drive to one of them. But for some or the other reason, it never worked out & I craved for it more & more.

But as someone said, it may take time but wishes do come true. If they happen your way, be happy, but if they don’t, be more happy, because then it happens according to his (God’s) wish.

My wish did come true with my recent  vacation which was made without much planning. Without much planning because, somethings weren’t going right with my health past months & sometimes when a lot is going on, you never know what’s coming next? But I strongly believe that, some situations makes you so strong that all superstitions and the what if something goes wrong factor goes away from life, and you are filled with hope that whatever God has planned for you that is the best thing that could happen to you. ( don’t worry friends I’m doing fine)

And there we were at the Outer banks NC,  with beach on one side & bay on the other.

Got the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset at the bay, the sun gradually descending in the water appeared as if it was going in there to cool off after shining bright all day through. I had this big smile on my face as I watched the beautiful site thanking God every moment for I loved his plan for me. After a little while my husband told me that I could see the sunrise at the beach too.Till then I wasn’t aware that we could do both these things here.  Could I have asked for anything better 🙂

photo (11)
Sunset ( Descending)
Watching Sunrise with my Son

I slept at night all excited for next morning wondering how would it be tomorrow. I felt like a nervous school girl before an important test who keeps checking the clock with the fear of sleeping till late & missing the exam. We went with a friend on our trip & my friend was equally excited to finish her mommy task with her 8 month old baby before she leaves to watch the sunrise.

We were there & we saw  few more people waiting there for Mr. Sun.

The beach looks so pleasant in the morning with only few people around. As we stood there, we saw a bright orange light, the first sign from the sun that its getting ready to come out… I was all ready with my camera & my lovely family to watch the most awaited site & what happened next left me totally speechless. The feeling was Ecstatic!

As I write this I’m going back & living that moment again. It was a divine experience. It was a proud moment to be one of the early risers to welcome The Sun.

I’m so happy to experience this magic, not just for a single day but more. Everyday the sunrise seems different, because of the clouds but every time the sun completely maintains its charm. 

This morning beauty has filled me with lot more  positivity & strength to keep going on in life no matter what. To rise & spread my light even when it is cloudy because  who knows, I may be the reason to brighten up someones day. It may be someone dear to me or someone completely unknown.

I also realized the big change in me, from the time…. when  sleeping  late was the most happy thing for me & I craved for those extra 5 minutes to sleep more when my mom use to come to wake me up & after marriage my husband 🙂 & I kept complaining why didn’t the night last longer, to this time… these days I’m usually the first one to get up & even at my trip I was all restless in my bed after the first day I saw the sunrise because I was worried that What If I’m late. & I  miss it. I wanted to sleep early just so that the night is over soon & I can rush to the beach to see the beautiful sunrise again.


   Vacation is over. There is no beach close by to see the view, but I’m filled with happiness from this wonderful experience & from being able to fulfill another of my dream with my family.

There is so much to do in life, so much to experience, so much to live, so much to give,  we all do something for our living. Some people work hard day & night, Some take it easy, some are born with that silver spoon while some others are working hard to get one, but while you are busy doing all this, never forget that there is actually just one thing that you need to do for living… Breathe! 

Yes! My friends, that’s the most important thing I do for my living… breathe!

Good or bad time changes.

Sometimes you breathe high, other times low, but there is always a state of balance, which your body reaches automatically for you. That’s when you are actually living.

Its not that hard to find the balance, just let go, breathe easy & cherish life.


8 thoughts on “When wishes come true the heart smiles…

  1. There is certainly something divine (and peaceful) in watching the sun creep over the horizon. Especially when it’s coming up over the ocean.

    To feel the warmth of the rays on your face. To feel it encompass your body. To smell the salt air stirring.

    I’ve never been to NC, but I see many ocean sunrises here in Maine. And I’m probably guilty for taking them for granted.

    Your vacation sounded spectacular, Priyanki. It’s so nice to know you thoroughly enjoyed it all. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Michael. I really liked how you have expressed your feelings about sunrise. It is indeed a beautiful experience, completely Rejuvenating!
    You are lucky that you can experience this whenever you wish, being close to ocean.
    I think its human nature, we often don’t value things easily available to us, but as long as we realize somewhere in our heart how valuable they are we can never take them for granted. That’s the reason I think you were able to appreciate it here. 🙂

  3. Lovely photos and musings on the joys of beaches, sunsets and following our passions. I’m glad you were able to receive your wish. The outer banks beaches are wonderful. It has been far too long since I’ve visited! blessings, Brad

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