Where does the Power & Inspiration lie?

 Does the Power lies in Writing or in the Person who writes it ?
What is the source of all inspiration? Does it come only from books written by famous authors, or from anybody around you ?
        As a matter of fact, lot of people believe in paid advice more than the one freely available to them or I must say the paid version of inspiration has more value than the one available free of cost. 🙂
Listen carefully, & sometimes the most powerful inspiration may come from your kid. It’s not limited to any age. Just like maturity is not limited to the No. Of b’days one has celebrated.
It’s funny to see how some people go to any extent praising those well known celebrities for their thoughts, but completely ignore the inspiration which they get from the people around them. They may be people from their family, friends & sometimes complete strangers.
 I think that there is a leaf of goodness & inspiration in people everywhere around us, all we need is to  open our eyes & be ready to embrace it.
Inspiration lies in Acceptance.
Accepting that there is something good in everybody. Accepting that you are special in your own way.
Accepting that somebody else may be better than you in certain things.
Accepting that in order to rise you don ‘t need to bring other people down. Accepting your faults. Accepting the truth.
Acknowledging when somebody does something good for you. Just like we teach manners to our kids to say kind words like thank you & sorry.
But with age & increased knowledge, the value of these simple words fade away from some people’s life.
Their sorry & thank you gets inspired by technology & is proudly found in tweets or status updates.
How I wish along with showing gratitude this way we use our power of speech more often & consequently see a smiling face in front of our eyes, rather than reading that virtual smile. How I wish, we could keep some things simple in life rather than making everything so complicated…
Keeping the hope & sharing with you all my innermost feelings. I’m also a part of this world. I know the benefits of these developments & usage of social media & stuff & where we are heading, but still… somewhere in my heart I think that
May we all show our actions more verbally wherever possible. May we all value people & their emotions more than valuing the price tag of a thing. May we all be able to pass on the same good values to our kids too. If we could teach our kids to value the emotions attached more than the price tag of a thing( gift) I’m sure we will be half successful in parenting.
I’m not a celebrity, I’m still  not known to many people. What I say may not be the headlines of any social networking site.
But it feels good when my thought matches with the thoughts of a well known person . It feels good when I read some line in a book by a famous author & feel , oh! it looks like mine 🙂
It feels good when unknown people & bloggers who inspire me in this blog world appreciate my work. Thanks a lot to each one of you from the bottom of my heart for liking & following my blog & also to all those who took time to read through my post.  It’s so good to connect with so many wonderful bloggers here. There is so much to learn too. I’m enjoying my space & freedom to express with the belief that Power sure lies in writing. In feeling every bit we express.

6 thoughts on “Where does the Power & Inspiration lie?

  1. Kids are always best inspiration.. They forget the bad things, keep smiling and they know no barriers. If they want something, they want. They love you, they do.. There is no hidden mask on them; why cant all off us live without masks?? Who knows

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