Yes, I am. I’m the same.

  Look at me, I’m the same

I feel  cold & freeze sometimes.

But still I stand here, waiting for that time.

Waiting for your lovely smile & the thankfulness in your eyes.

When in summer the days are hot

and your eyes look for my comfort.

You find me running around in the park,

to shield you from that sun so hot.

Your sigh of relief makes me think,

I’m worth some big thing.


I’m your mornings best walk buddy

With the fresh oxygen that I spray daily.

I peeked inside your window one day

As you lay there watching that play.

I heard them talking about some global warming

And how I can help the world’s economy.

I love those happy faces of your kids

As they win playing hide & seek.

I lay there still, as they order me not to move a bit

as the “IT” will then see me peek.

Those innocent smiles are my reward

staying still doesn’t hurt at all.

I like all those clicking sounds

when you use me as your background.

You keep praising my color green

As you say it’s very refreshing.

I feel like a hero posing for you

when I change color in the autumn hue,

you appreciate my falling leaves

And collect some for your diaries.

Sometimes you all make a big pile

& jump on it for a while.

Oh! its fun that’s what you say, as you keep jumping that way.

When I see your gleaming eyes,

filled with love for me inside

I feel so special & confident,

& so proud of my existence.


When you are upset & have no one to talk,

 when you are sick & suffering a lot

you come to me in the greens

They call it Nature healing!

Your kind words & gratitude

fills my eternal solitude.


It’s that time of the year again.

 My greens are gone, Yes, I know

My colors are no more to allure you.

I stand here alone bearing the cold wind

As my branches prepare for Halloween.

Don’t be scared, I’m the same,

just here for you to entertain.

You can use my logs to warm you up

As you sip coffee from your cup.

I have been there, I always stood by

Please look, as I need you nearby…

Look at me, I’m your Tree.


Yes, I am. I’m the same.

I need you now, to see me again

To watch me with your love filled eyes

To adore me in delight.

I feel upset when you don’t like my look

I miss my leaves,  those chirp & tweets

When times are tough, people leave

Yes, I have experienced the grief.


But still I stand with strong belief that

This is just a phase, this too will pass

Time will change very fast.

But I wish you could understand, I’m the same, Yes, I’m.

Look for my beauty within, I’m the one, who gives & care

who has the power to spread fresh air

You want to plant me more & more

so you enjoy the earth manifold.

I’m modest, I don’t brag all time

Just stay there quietly & benefit mankind.

 Come & hug me once in a while,

 as it is very cold outside.

I miss your praise , I miss your love,

I can never harm you, I assure.

Just be with me & you will soon see

I’ll spring back with leaves and bloom again in spring…

 And shower you with cherry blossoming.

You’ll run to me from far & near

to get that glimpse which is so dear.


So next time when you are sitting sad,

Saying that I depress.

Change your that attitude ,

and look at me, filled with hope.

Soon I’ll dress up for you

And give you my most charming look.

But till then there is just one request,

If your love is real, true for me,

then love me for my beauty within. 

Love me for my soul & heart

’cause that’s for what I stand apart.

Yes, I’m. I’m your Tree.

There is life in me too… you see.

And every life has a heart

Heart that hurts, when people leave.

All I want is love from you

To acknowledge that I’m good, however I look.

I’ll be proud of myself then

And stand tall till the end.

and at  times when the sun is bright

And you need shelter inside

Come to me & I would bend

And be your canopy my friend…


15 thoughts on “Yes, I am. I’m the same.

    1. Thanks a lot Dear april4june6 for nominating me.
      I’m so thrilled to read this 🙂
      Being a newbie, don’t really know much about this. So, any details would help. Till then reading more about what are the next steps.

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