Make everyday a celebration!

Diwali (The festival of lights)…I wish there was one festival celebrated each single day, so that the wishes kept flowing. The wishes of happiness, the wishes to celebrate, the wishes for family, the wishes from friends near & far. The wishes from friends who never call. I think all festivals from different parts of the world, […]

Happy to receive my first award…The Liebster!

When people who inspire you, acknowledge your work, it feels great. I value all recognition that I have received so far, in the form of likes & follows. The purpose I moved to blogging was to reach out to more people through my thoughts. I’m very thankful to April ( & Nishita ( for nominating […]

Are you looking for the secret of a healthy- glowing face? This is worth a try.

Have you tried all the cosmetics? All high brands? All home remedies? Tired of drinking those 8-10 glasses of water per day? Eating all your greens & fruits? But still looking at somebody else, & wondering my, what a beautiful,glowing skin? What’s the secret? I wish mine was like that too. No worries my friend, […]