Are you looking for the secret of a healthy- glowing face? This is worth a try.

Have you tried all the cosmetics?

All high brands?

All home remedies?

Tired of drinking those 8-10 glasses of water per day?

Eating all your greens & fruits?

But still looking at somebody else, & wondering my, what a beautiful,glowing skin?

What’s the secret? I wish mine was like that too.

No worries my friend, time for you to take a pause & go for a Soul cleansing now.

Why not give internal beauty regimen a try.

It’s easy, reasonable, filled with immense benefits for you & for the world & is completely worth it.

Let’s all make this world a better place with all of our glowing faces & save some energy. 🙂

Smile,care, give, laugh,love, help, stop pretending, stop fooling people, be good, do good & your face will reflect all your deeds.

No matter how bright the moon is, it cannot shine bright until the dark clouds are there to ruin it.



6 thoughts on “Are you looking for the secret of a healthy- glowing face? This is worth a try.

    1. Hi Raman,
      I think you didn’t understand what I’m trying to say here. I’m sure if you read it again you will understand the depth.
      I think all of us know the importance of eating greens & drinking enough water & those who don’t they are sure reading about it from the endless information available on net.
      Have you heard that song in hindi.”mann mela aur tann ko dhoye” ( which simply means, heart is filled with impurities & we’re trying to look our best by focusing on cleaning our body).

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