Make everyday a celebration!

Diwali (The festival of lights)…I wish there was one festival celebrated each single day, so that the wishes kept flowing. The wishes of happiness, the wishes to celebrate, the wishes for family, the wishes from friends near & far. The wishes from friends who never call. I think all festivals from different parts of the world, are all about sharing love & happiness with friends & family only with different names. All the festivals bring so much of positivity in life. The heart says to do more & more.

The happy smiling faces wishing each other. People taking out time to meet each other. The exchange of sweets, hugs & smiles.

All the social-networking sites filled with wishes & advice. The do’s & don’ts of Diwali! The festive fervor of Diwali. The mouth watering sweets. All you feel is – May this euphoric feeling sustain forever & ever. May people treat each other with the same love & respect forgetting all the grudges against each other. With the lovely Diwali wishes pouring in my phone from morning. Just taking one of them here..

Light a lamp of love! Blast a chain of sorrow! Shoot a rocket of prosperity! Fire a flowerpot of happiness! Wish u and your family “SPARKLING DIWALI”……

Let’s make every day special, positive & as bright as Diwali… As you sleep tonight after celebrating…don’t get up in the morning saying it’s over. Instead promise to keep celebrating & spreading love like Diwali every day. It may not be a happy Diwali, but we sure can make every day Happy for all. Yes! We talk about it a no. of times but do we really follow it? Are we just blindly forwarding such positive messages or giving it food for thought. Well, it’s better late than never. Let’s do it this time.

Let’s be a good role model for our kids. Yes! You have been a wonderful parent in teaching them your culture, your language, your family traditions & I’m sure they are learning it well. Let them know that it’s the goodness in all, which makes Diwali bright. Let them know that some people may not have a home to pray, they may not have good clothes to wear, they may not be able to spend money on buying rangoli’s (traditional decoration & patterns made on ground with colors) Diyas( An oil lamp made of baked clay) & all the sweets. Let’s pray for them.

Let them know that following traditions & culture & praying to God with the so called perfect rituals & procedure is of no use if the heart is filled with bad thoughts & motives.

Let them know that the most important value in life is to treat others right. No matter how repetitive it may sound keep reinforcing again & again just as you keep talking to them about the value of education or any other thing.

Most importantly, if you could not be a reason for smile on somebody’s face , don’t be the reason for their tears.

 No matter where you are from & what religion you follow. As long as your residence is earth, don’t behave like an alien.

Wish you all a very Happy Day my friends. Make everyday a celebration!

Stop dieting & grab a sweet my friends, before you’re old & toothless to enjoy them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Make everyday a celebration!

  1. Beautifully stated! I could not agree more as the world needs more love and goodwill. I think most of humanity would agree that they wish they could capture the euphoric feelings they and others exhibit during holidays and special occasions. Just think how different the world would be if we all took those feelings, fostered them and made them grow exponentially. Regardless of the holiday, culture, or people, it is the feeling of goodwill toward all that must be spread.

    Although I am not familiar with Diwali, I do wish all who celebrate it the most happiest and joyous time! Thank you dear Tina for sharing your insights, wisdom and joy!

    Blessings upon you this very special day and all that follow!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Tina. Your wishes always make me feel so special. Will share the link with you about Diwali soon. Let’s hope for a better world. Atleast, keep doing our part.
      God bless you. 🙂

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