Laugh or cry you have to make it. :)

It’s OK to feel hurt…
What’s there in hiding tears

What’s there in being brave
Why is it hard to stay strong
Why can’t I overcome the storm
Yes, I know what I should do
I know I need to accept the truth
I know some things can’t change

I know I’ll have to fight & win the game.
That is what I tell all
To smile & fear no one at all
I say to overcome the worst
To stay strong, no ifs & buts
To believe that Yes! You can
To never lose the hope in them
To calm the most angry tide.

This is life, which come with waves
The highs & lows are  part of sail
The important thing is to keep rowing
The hands may hurt, the heart may ache,
The eyes may wet & fill up your boat
But dry them off & clear the load.
 Load of all kind makes it hard to carry
But the right mind turns the heavy into airy
Don’t let the emotions make you weak
Let them teach you to reach the peak.

After all,
This journey is yours
The pain is yours
The gain is yours

Nobody, but only you can feel it
So why bother the world & worry it
This is life & you have to take it
Laugh or cry you have to make it
 giving up will not help,
Even God help those who do self-help.

So be your light & be your own guide
Fight all the problems in your stride
You may be bruised, you may get hurt
Put a bandage & please get up
Push yourself to do your best
And He’ll take care of the rest
Next time you’ll feel less pain
When the storm shakes you, the grip will remain
All those bad times will soon pass
as nothing remains for long you see
Time goes by it never seize
But still if you can’t get through
& feel life is unfair to you
Then change the focus from yourself
Look around & see the rest
There is so much besides you, not to be overlooked.

Your life will find new meanings
If you start looking at fellow beings.

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