Behind every writer there is a…

                                                                   Correct me if I’m wrong & feel free to add on.

I think behind every writer, there is a Dreamer…

A dream to fulfill,

a dream which they build as they write,
a dream which if someone asks them, they would be unsure what are they dreaming about.

Behind every writer there is a Broken heart…
a heart that has been hurt many times, physically or mentally,
a heart wet with tears & wounded with bruises.

Behind every writer is a lover…
A mom, a dad, a girl, a boy, a nature lover, an artist,
Be it a singer, a photographer ,a painter…

Behind every writer there is an Introvert…
A person who always wanted to say a lot or wants to say a lot but is never able to convey the feelings that lie deep within.

Behind every writer there is a Fighter…
A person who believes in never giving up,
A person who fights his way out no matter how tough the opponent is,
A person who fights with his own thoughts many times in his mind.

Behind every writer there is a Teacher…
a learned man/ woman who wants to share his knowledge with the whole world. As they say, knowledge always increases when it is shared.

Behind every writer there is a strong emotion or a very emotional person… who feels a need or an urge to express those emotions,
The freedom to express the heart out. To portray the feelings deep within.

This freedom to express is the greatest of all & is available to all. Don’t let anybody ever take it away from you. Be true, be real.
We all sometimes wish to be like birds so we can spread our wings & enjoy flying..but do we actually want to experience flying or experience freedom? We need to ask ourselves this question? The answer sure lies within us.

Because flying when you are maneuvered by someone else is flying minus the ‘f’. Open your wings wide & strong, without the fear of those tall trees & electric wires, they are there to give you a boost to fly higher & enjoy the freedom.
Yes! Express yourself, let those thoughts fly.
This is the only life we have got. Who knows about tomorrow. Say it all today. Do it now.
Make it happen now. Do the best for yourself now. Don’t postpone. It’s now or Never.
Ok, alright… if it’s a big list, at least get done with 1 of it as you end your day today. So will I 🙂

All the best!


8 thoughts on “Behind every writer there is a…

    1. I was just exploring your wonderful blog Mr. Osarobohenry & all the nice thoughts there. Just missed following it earlier. Thanks for your follow too & reading my posts & all your likes. It feels good when people take out time to read. God bless you too. 🙂

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