Let all the Flowers in the world know how Awesome they are.

A flower is beautiful.      image1

Some like its fragrance, some like its petals, while some like the love aspect.

But who makes the flower beautiful. The people who admire its beauty, people who make it feel special.

So why not we let all the flowers in the world know how Awesome they are…

because it’s only when we signify the flowers, we can subdue all those thorns.

Appreciate those flowers and let them bloom. Yes, let all those wonderful people know who are doing great things like valuing people, valuing emotions, caring for others, helping others, bringing positive change in society, change in themselves, standing for what is right, fighting for what is right, doing whatever they can to make this world a better place to live, how awesome they are. So we all can proudly say, who has time to be pricked by thorns when we have flowers all around. 🙂



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