Don’t you run for the power source when your mobile shows low battery. Let the friendship begin…

Are you a good friend? A simple phrase says, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Let me ask you something, have you ever been friends with yourself? So, were you there to help yourself when you needed self care.

If not, let the friendship begin. All I want to say is, it’s very important to be your own friend. Don’t let your happiness be dependent on somebody else’s wishes or mood. If you wish to do something, go ahead & do it. Don’t always wait for a company or a friend to share your happy times, because people may have other things to take care of, when you are in a happy mood.

 It’s true that happiness increases manifold when shared with friends, but what if you don’t have any friends & even if you do, it’s not necessary that people will be always there to share your happiness. It’s not necessary that they might be having an equally good day or mood as you. If they are, its a bonus, but if they are not, that doesn’t mean you have to miss any moment of enjoyment. Yes! Learn to love your own company. Praise yourself for what you are. May be that’s what you need the most at that point… to be happy.  And nobody, but you can understand how significant that moment must be for you. Get up, dress your best, go for a drive, do whatever you wish to do. Instead of missing people, change your thought process & just think it as your very own moment, where you don’t have to take care of others needs, you get to decide what you want, things happen your way, you are the boss. You sure have the power to uplift your mood. All you need is to take charge of it. Don’t you run for the power source when your mobile shows low battery. So, don’t you need to charge yourself first to be able to operate your gadget. 🙂

People may not always be present, they leave. Situations change, time changes & the best bet is to change with the changing time. If you are always there for all it’s good, but that doesn’t mean they will always be there for you. Eventually, you’ll learn to deal with it. We all do. Relationships should not work on give & take basis. Change the old sayings. If you are doing something for someone that’s your wish, your will, they never asked for it. So don’t expect even a thanks in return. That’s how I believe, One can live a happy life. If you think it sounds to unreal , give it a try. Trust me , you will enjoy the new you. The happy you.

After all we’re blessed to be humans, why not make the most of it. There is so much to do. Let’s live to the fullest.

 Just imagine if the Sun thought, “I’m sad I would not rise anymore. Moon is lucky to have the company of the stars.” If the sun would have thought that way we would have been deprived of any life on earth. Sun or moon in any role we have the magical powers to shine bright. It’s all about loving the role & situations that the circumstances put us in. Moreover, it’s all about perspective.
 Either you can sit & cry or shine bright. Choice is yours.


6 thoughts on “Don’t you run for the power source when your mobile shows low battery. Let the friendship begin…

  1. Dearest Tina,

    You are wise beyond your years my dear. You are eloquent and mindful of items mulled through contemplation. Thank you for sharing your discoveries as the full picture can only be achieved when we look through the eyes and thoughts of those around us.

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