Life cannot be enjoyed being a Robot, there is a heart in there for a reason.

Life cannot be enjoyed following a time table or a certain set list of to do things & not to do things in a day & so on.
There is an age for everything. At some point in life, you need to give away your certain routines, to enjoy the flow of life, just as that flowing stream, which never knows what’s coming next. All it knows is to go with the flow making those Rhythmic sounds, which are so soothing to the ear. Have you ever thought why that sound of flowing water is so relaxing & comforting? Why people go in nature & look for those waterfalls & sit beside it to get a glimpse of it & spend time there, just to listen to those sounds, to feel relaxed & relieve all stress. Be like that flowing water my friends, you cannot plan life, you cannot plan each day, things cannot happen as you want them to happen. Take it easy, go with the flow, don’t be too harsh on yourself, enjoy the simple things in life, find happiness in those simple things.

Be a reason for smile on others face. Live & let others live too. Stop complaining, stop holding grudges. Stop comparing your life with others because people who are busy following others business will definitely be at loss in theirs. There is so much in your own life to enjoy & cherish. Love your life & everything about it & you’ll see a big difference in how things change for you. Change for good.

Strict rules are meant for school. It’s perfectly fine if you cannot handle everything in a day. Do as much as you can. Always remember nothing is more important than you feeling good about yourself. Take care of that upward curve first Yes! I mean your lovely Smile :)… all other things are secondary. Do things thatย make your heart smile. Remember that too much of discipline only leads to disagreement. Too much of correction can only lead to more mistakes. Be easy on yourself & the people whom you care for.

Brain is a very important part of body functioning, but what’s the use of that body, that works like a Robot. There is a heart in there for a reason. Not to make you weak but to make you think humanly. Listen to that heart, stop hurting people’s feelings, start valuing people around you, leaving behind all that EGO before it’s too late to correct yourself, before it’s too late & the plant is dry, water it. Don’t cover it in shade of your rules. It needs that sun to survive & grow.

Everything can be fixed with love. Hate is like acid, it can only ruin & destroy everything .
It can only kill & make things ugly. Your life & the life of your loved ones can be made beautiful only with love. Pure & selfless love has immense healing power.

Write-ups like mine are only there to reinforce what you already know…but yes we all need reminders time & again.
When things could be handled being a cow, why behave like a bull. Green is sure more soothing than Red…think about it!!


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