A Christmas Wish

A wonderful Message By my blogger Friend Tina…”Merry Christmas”

Peaks and Valleys

Although we do not all celebrate Christmas and fewer still understand the meaning behind all the glitz and commercialism, the feeling and spirit embedded within the holiday is what all of us are capable of feeling. Holiday traditions, celebrations with family and friends, and those special moments that create memories whose purpose is to carry us through the hard times ahead are the things that stay with us forever.
However, I am a follower of Christ; therefore, I will be speaking of my beliefs, traditions, and memories that make this time of year an extraordinary time for my loved ones and me. To me, Christmas is all about the celebration of the Savior’s birth who came to save all sinners. Everything else is human bling and commercialism. Nevertheless, family traditions and community celebrations have the potential to provide and spread the original gift Christ gave to all of us who…

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2 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish

    1. Thanks a lot Eddie for the wonderful comment. Its an honor for me to hear such words from you. I have been reading on your inspiring blog & loving it so much. Thanks a lot. Your words mean a lot. Thanks for all your likes & follow too. There is a lot more for me to explore.
      I’m looking forward to

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