Be It Outside or the one inside. There is a lot of “Nature” to explore…

Life is not a game. Taking turns to see who wins & get fame. There is a horde to compete All are trying hard to deceive Some play silent games Using the power of that brain What should be my next move to remain Some play their best shot Putting all that they have got […]

It’s your light that makes the mornings of your loved ones beautiful & bright. Take Charge of It Now.

Life is not about dusk…..That is just a state of rest to be able to rise up nice & strong, back again & illuminate thyself….it’s only when one rises, he has the power to pick others up. This goes for both genders, Women or Men. As Human beings both have emotions & feelings, then why […]

You will be up & back to Tick-Tocking again.

If your clock goes out of battery that does not mean that time will come to halt for the whole world. No! that does not happen, don’t even expect that to happen. Get up! & get yourself a set of new batteries, once the battery goes in you will be up & back to tick-tocking […]