You will be up & back to Tick-Tocking again.

If your clock goes out of battery that does not mean that time will come to halt for the whole world. No! that does not happen, don’t even expect that to happen. Get up! & get yourself a set of new batteries, once the battery goes in you will be up & back to tick-tocking again.

That moment without the sound of that ticking is just to give you a chance to think better in the pin drop silence & get rid of all that disturbing, junk, useless & not needed stuff from your life…put it in the trash  & refill your life clock with new, powerful,  energizing, long lasting good batteries, so you can enjoy each & every moment of the precious time better with good & genuine people in your life. The ones who are happy to share time with you, even when your clock decides to take a pause.

 Making an attempt to fix a problem is also to be proud of than to actually trying to solve everything all the time. You can’t always solve everything. Let it be. Who knows what lies ahead… Why think about it? Be Thankful for all the blessings in your life & most importantly praise yourself for all the little efforts you make when surrounded by a tough situation & you will sure Get through. Time Changes. Situations Change.

Never Give UP! Keep the Faith! Things will change for good. 🙂


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