It’s your light that makes the mornings of your loved ones beautiful & bright. Take Charge of It Now.

Life is not about dusk…..That is just a state of rest to be able to rise up nice & strong, back again & illuminate thyself….it’s only when one rises, he has the power to pick others up.
This goes for both genders, Women or Men.
As Human beings both have emotions & feelings, then why to prioritize one & neglect the other. So instead of giving charge of your feelings to someone else, take charge of it yourself. Handle yourself with all the care you need to. Never give up on yourself. Be it your health, your self respect or anything that is of importance to you.

Be like the Sun ….shine bright & strong each day, so strong that you have the power to give life & warmth to the people who need it. People can admire your beauty & praise your glory, but the ones who try coming close for that undue advantage, to treat you wrong in anyway, emit enough of that power where in they are scared that coming close to you will only burn them to ashes.
Don’t worry when people curse you on those hot summer days. And keep complaining how much they hate you. When they don’t like the power of your heat anymore. People are like that! These same people send you lovey-dovey notes on those winter-chilly days, saying…oh!.I love you sun…stay forever like this shining bright & make our winter warm enough. Some people are really innocent, they just say things as it is. As they appear. Without any pretense. They just speak their heart out. While there are those others, the complaining lot, never happy with any situation you give them…and they will mourn about it. For them the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence & of course they will do everything by hook or by crook to get on to that part of the land.  Now you get it, that’s the temperament of a few lot. Few or many? Who am I to tell? I’m not God, it’s just my experiences that make me pen down all this.

They stay with what gives them comfort, advantage, benefit & leave that place where all this is gone. Leaving behind a beautiful experience for us to learn from. 🙂
There are only rare few who know to stay. Stay forever, however, no matter what. I’m sure we all are blessed with such people around even though they are very few but they do exist. Adding up to our beautiful rays & helping it spread all over the place & making us see the brighter side. So, appreciate your existence no matter what? The days when your shining bright or the ones…when you are in the mood of hiding in that cloud cover.

But never ever forget the fact that, who are you? Remember You are like The Sun! No matter what? You still remain the strongest. The one who knows the importance of it’s existence. You are needed because it’s your light, which shows them the way. It’s your light that makes the mornings of your loved ones beautiful! It’s your bright shine that brightens up the days of many. Yes! You signal that it’s time to get up & get going! You charge them all up (your near & dear ones). You are meant to rise no matter what.

And then comes that time of the dusk when you too get tired & you need to take rest… give it to yourself without any guilt.
You need it. To relax! To recharge! To reboot!
Sometimes the dusk period may seem to last a little longer… longer than what it is supposed to be, but then after every dusk comes that dawn, bringing with itself the aroma of the morning tea/coffee to lift our  spirits up & fill us up with hope all over again that yes! We are alive to experience one more beautiful morning.  So let’s not waste it & keep on living…&  make the most of it.

For all those who think they have had enough or who think they can’t take it anymore. No matter where ever you are in life right now… No matter what you are going through… Even though if you have a solid support system or you are all by yourself during situation of crisis. Always remember, it’s you & only you who can motivate yourself. Get up for self no matter what, or however tough it is. Just believe that once you decide, there is nothing that can stop you. Be self dependent as far as your well being is concerned, because nobody but you know yourself the best. So it’s only you who can take care of yourself in the best possible way. If you wouldn’t, nobody else will. So Get up & Get going!!


2 thoughts on “It’s your light that makes the mornings of your loved ones beautiful & bright. Take Charge of It Now.

    1. Thank you so much for making me feel special with your lovely comment dear April. It’s all worth sharing if your thoughts inspire people. I’m so glad you like it.

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