Be It Outside or the one inside. There is a lot of “Nature” to explore…

Life is not a game.
Taking turns to see who wins & get fame.
There is a horde to compete
All are trying hard to deceive
Some play silent games
Using the power of that brain
What should be my next move to remain
Some play their best shot
Putting all that they have got
There are also those lazy kind
Who aim for moon
But don’t ever climb
They have different kind of skills
To steal the good spot that already exist
To push others down & sit where they don’t belong.

There was a time when parents said
Kids, beware of strangers
But look at life’s Irony
Time has changed a whole lot
Games are played by friends & families.
When you fall on the road…
A stranger may ask, hope you are fine?
But your close ones will have no time.
It doesn’t matter they are near or far
To convey good wishes
There is no excuse
To say kind things it takes few minutes
We don’t live in Stone Age or that old time
When sending messages
Took so long
Time has changed immensely
Having a phone is no big deal.
I have seen a mobile in all hands
baby or wrinkly doesn’t matter
Rich or poor all can afford it
Only the brand varies from highs to lows.
Tech. has not affected just the kids & teens
Even Grandparents have joined the team

But who has time for, how are you my dear?

Games & forwards have taken up everywhere.

Emotions are taken by ‘ Emoticons’
Well, that’s the bitter truth of life
The sooner you accept , the sooner you realize….it’s easy to let go next time.

This is just one life that I have got
Playing games is not my thing
Congratulations to all who win….
Life is such a beautiful wonder
Where birds sing & those butterflies flutter,
Where flower blooms & freshen the air
Where trees stand tall all seasons through.
No doubts in my mind,
When I see outside
The only thing without pretense.
Which only knows how to give…
How to calm, how to soothe
Pious, serene, full of divinity
It purely exist in perfect harmony
Everyday I explore ,everyday I get to know more.
Be it outside or the one inside
There is a lot of “Nature” to explore.
To focus on all good is my goal.
There is so much to do in life.
I wish to live it in my style.
I don’t care what others say.
Yes! Not anymore
I’m happy to be what I’m.
A little old fashioned I may be.
But that’s what I believe
Follow your heart,
No matter what
Do what’s right! Stand for it!
And the like minds will join with you
To make life’s journey beautiful…


5 thoughts on “Be It Outside or the one inside. There is a lot of “Nature” to explore…

  1. Very nice thoughts. On that note, something meaningful I read long back written by Akhtar Shirani…

    jo bhi buraa bhalaa hai allaah jaantaa hai
    bande ke dil me.n kyaa hai allaah jaantaa hai

    ye farsh-o-arsh kyaa hai allaah jaantaa hai
    pardo.n me.n kyaa chhupaa hai allaah jaantaa hai

    jaakar jahaa.n se ko_ii waapas nahi.n hai aataa
    wo kaun sii jagaah hai allaah jaantaa hai

    nekii-badii ko apne kitnaa hii tuu chhupaaye
    allaah ko sab pataa hai allaah jaantaa hai

    ye dhuup – chhao.n dekho ye subah-shaam dekho
    sab kyuu.n ye ho rahaa hai allaah jaantaa hai

    kismat ke naam ko to sab jaante hai.n lekin
    kismat me.n kyaa likhaa hai allaah jaantaa hai

    1. Thanks Paresh & thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful shayari…Beautiful & meaningful lines indeed. I just searched & got the same sung by the legend Jagjit Singh & Lataji. You must have heard it. It’s beautiful!

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