No worries if you can’t buy Gold, be happy with the silence.

Silence, learning when to be quiet. It’s so important. Sometimes just for the sake of peace. At least in those unimportant matters. Why to expect from & teach it to others? Let’s try to practice it in self. For the peace of ones own mind & soul & eventually for the benefit of all. May […]

A BiG Thank You…From 0 to 101 & to all those orange bright star that make my day :)

Yes, Today is one special day for me, as I have crossed that no. 100. It feels special. Just like that 100th day of school for Kindergarten kids :). Which calls for a celebration & the celebration is incomplete without the teachers & the friends who were there all through the journey, to make the […]

I wish I could buy, some time from time…

I wish I could buy, some time from time, so I can write those lines that keep popping in my mind. they often pop up, Without any siren or bell, & I don’t get enough time to pen them down anywhere, they don’t warn me before they come, give a call or message so I […]