Reflections in the snow.

Oh! I love you my dear Nature.

IMG_1907 (1)
Reflections in the snow

You are always there to provide that much needed warmth even in those winter

months. Once I’m lost in you, I don’t feel like complaining anymore no matter how much colder it gets. If that’s your magic, you sure are a wonderful Magician!

I feel so thankful for this gift.

Only a true Nature lover can see, appreciate & enjoy this abundance.

Limitations, yes! there are, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it seems impossible but then If There is that will, if there is that desire, if you really want to. You see beyond, what others cannot. The beauty reveals itself!

The real beauty! Once you are surrounded by such things in life. Every moment of life becomes worth living. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reflections in the snow.

  1. So many allow the business of life to blind them to the beauty that sits right before them. Fewer still will look beyond the obvious to see where the true beauty is hidden. This creation is miraculous and its beauty is multidimensional; therefore, we are required to look just a bit beyond the obvious. Nature/creation is my strongest muse. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Blessings upon you.

    1. And your insightful comments always increase the beauty of my posts. Thanks a lot Tina. I always like to see your active efforts in spite of your limitations. People like you are in true sense inspiration for me.
      May God bless you always. 🙂

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