I wish I could buy, some time from time…

I wish I could buy, some time from time,
so I can write those lines
that keep popping in my mind.
they often pop up,
Without any siren or bell,
& I don’t get enough time to pen them down anywhere,
they don’t warn me before they come,
give a call or message
so I could finish my chores,
Wind up my daily tasks,
& be prepared
To be ready to bask with ’em in my comfy chair,
I love them the most
They are the most welcomed guest.
because they take me on a tour of
Possibilities unlimited…
where there are solutions & opportunities,
understandings, imaginations, creativity,
hopes & positive affirmations,
time to put things into action, time to work beyond my responsibilities,
bring all those change,
change for good,
not only for self but for a large group.
I want ’em to stay, but often they disappear
I look for ’em later
when I have time to spare
but I can’t find them
It’s a big mystery
When they are my own thoughts,
Why don’t they return
Why I feel the pain
When they leave me, they are gone.
Why I feel the urge,
To write more & more
I never ever felt like this before.
While I turn my shopping cart, writing these lines
Looks like I’m stealing time, from my own time.
But there is some smile on my face as I write these lines
At least these thoughts
have found their way
Thanks to my phone &
& the power of the touchscreen
Where my finger is the pen &
Can write & text
& by God’s blessings I can afford it.
I can’t wait to share them
Once I reach my home
Hope it reaches out to many,
& we all get time to write
Paper or PC just get that delight
because writing is the pleasant,
easiest way to feel light,
Where you do the talking &
There is nobody to hold you back tight
Just spurt it all out,
like the Dolphins breathe
because if you keep it deep inside
You’re never going to heal.
Freedom of expression is the biggest one of all,
Just write-write & write more, feel free to express… Say it all you can & Rediscover Self.


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