A Love Story

Originally posted on The Starting End:
Once upon a time… The Snow fell in love With the mid-winter Sun Not knowing just what It was getting into, Not aware just yet, of the damage to come The Suns beauty, it speared Through the crisp, cold blue sky The Snow gleaming with worship, As the days…

Confusions often lead to conclusions, so no need to be scared.

Confusions often lead to conclusions, so if you are scared of your confusions don’t be. Some life situations are like those tricky mazes, the more complex they get, they may seem hard to get through but somewhere deep within we need to keep that inner spark, that will, that hope alive that Yes! there is […]

You can’t be wrong when it comes to living! Just do it all Now.

Life is too short, just don’t say, realize before your life leaves you one day & what if that day is?  It’s now, this moment, do it, say it, make it happen, just let go of pain, grudges, anger, hurt, fill it with love & happiness & see how life changes for you & all […]

Give your precious time only to those who deserve.

Time… How busy we actually are? Let’s be true to ourselves if not others. I’m tired of hearing from people that they didn’t have time to call somebody when the other person was in need but they really care for them. Their heart can’t stop thinking about the person but the brain is loaded with […]

Country Roads Are Like No Other no.4

Poems are many, but few touch your soul unless you know the depth there is no sense in reading more. Poems from the River…a collection of reflections by KURT BRINDLEY …a book of poetry sure to touch your soul as you turn the pages. This book is a must have for all those who understand […]