Give your precious time only to those who deserve.

How busy we actually are? Let’s be true to ourselves if not others.
I’m tired of hearing from people that they didn’t have time to call somebody when the other person was in need but they really care for them.
Their heart can’t stop thinking about the person but the brain is loaded with lots of other work to finish.
Stop fooling people & make a fool of yourself in the process too.
Admit that you have time but your priorities are different. There is no harm in letting people know what you exactly feel for them rather than playing with your words & giving them false hopes. It’s better to be in their good books by setting low expectations instead of fooling around with their emotions & breaking all relations.
Because it’s very true that when any relationship breaks you can mend it but the crack is always there.
There is always enough time to give to people whom you really care for & for those others for whom you always have excuses you never cared for them enough anyways. Admit it. Stop taking people for granted specially those who have never taken you for one. Be true to yourself if not others. Stop pretending & wearing this good person mask all the time. You cannot always hide your identity behind the mask.
If you do then be ready for the consequences. Get yourself a better life! If you can’t be good & kind at least stop pretending to be one. Be what you are!
Action speaks louder than words.
If you love , if you care for someone please take the trouble of letting them know through your actions .
Sweet talking is as good as having all means to have Ice cream & yearning to eat it but you don’t want to move your hand, mouth to let it in.
Prove your sweet talks by your sweet actions people.
Sometimes even your little act of goodness may have a big positive effect on the people who need it… Take that step! Take action!
Your true self is never hidden,
Always remember someone, somewhere is taking some action, someday you might be at the receiving end. That will be a dead end.
While others would have already moved on finding new directions in life.
Leaving all such dead ends way behind & exploring the ones which show them way.
If at all anyone of you are stuck with such sweet mouth people in your life than now is the time to wake up, giving them chances would only lead to dead ends.
There is a time when enough is enough!
Be true to yourself!
Turn around & find your way! The one that lifts you not brings you down. After all it’s your life , you have to take care of it. Give your precious time only to those who deserve.


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