You can’t be wrong when it comes to living! Just do it all Now.

Life is too short, just don’t say, realize before your life leaves you one day & what if that day is?  It’s now, this moment, do it, say it, make it happen, just let go of pain, grudges, anger, hurt, fill it with love & happiness & see how life changes for you & all the ones related.
Let go, breathe easy, smile, laugh, love, embrace, hug, read, go for walk amid nature, do something kind for somebody, give help without asking, stop complaining as there are more people around who are less fortunate than you, count your blessings, really do so even the simplest ones because sometimes we tend to ignore the simple things in life & wait for those big moments to be happy, forgetting that happiness really lies in simple things.Turn on the music, paint, dance, follow that pending hobby, jump around silly, play around with your kids, do nothing, express all your emotions. Just do it all Now! You can’t be wrong when it comes to living!

Every heart & every house has a story. Nobody but they know it the best. There may be smile behind those tears or tears behind that smile.Who knows what’s going on with whom? Stop judging people, focus on your own…and we all know, no matter how tough or easy it is, life has to be lived. So, why not we give it our best…Now!


6 thoughts on “You can’t be wrong when it comes to living! Just do it all Now.

  1. I love the way encouragement blossoms from your every thought and word. You are incredibly gifted at this task of encouragement and the passion you have for it shines brightly. Thank you for sharing some of the brightness you carry inside you. Your humble generosity is greatly appreciated. Have a glorious day my dear!

    1. Thanks for your such lovely comment Tina. Thanks for being so kind to me. I have been through my own tough times Tina & as you know we all go through…but all I have wished for is to keep my spirits high in all those trying times & never lose hope & most importantly somehow giving hope to others & encouraging others is something which gives me lot of strength & that is what I always want to do. I wish I can always do that. 🙂
      Thanks for your wishes always. God bless you.

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