Straight from my heart…

In a while
If things would have changed in a while
I would have run along a mile.
They say I will be there in a while
But they don’t
They say don’t worry
Things will be alright in a while
But they don’t
A while seem to be long
Too loooong
To Me
But I don’t care
All I need
By my side
No matter, how long is a while
I don’t mind
I will even cross River Nile, in a while
All I want is you, by my side
to be there, you to care
You to hold my hand, when I cry in despair.
You to hold me firm, if I lose my grip
You to show me the light, if I see only dark
You to be there, to laugh & to rejoice

You to be there, in my every moment

Because all I have ever asked for, is your support

Yes! That’s what gives me the strength to walk that steep road.

I don’t want you to escort me there,
Or make it easy by lifting me up in the air.
Neither do I want you to fill my path, with soft petals to walk…
All I wish is you to be there all along
I wish to see you smile, as I choose my path &
The reassurance that you are there no matter what.
All miles will be taken with subtle ease then
& I will float in the air like a bubble
And enjoy every bit without any trouble
No-one would ever dare to Pop me
With the power of your shield
That shield of love, so strong
Which would not be shaken, however tough gets the storm
Our love will grow & grow
& blissfully enliven the soul.
Making each while a beautiful one to be adored.


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