In the Middle of the Day

Originally posted on Ancient Skies:
In the middle of the day, the cherry blossoms reach, their full potential, bursting with color, while the rabbit nibles, on some dandilions, but what caught my attention, today, was the auto mechanic, whistling, singing a tune, impact wrench, changing a tire, hopeful, praying somehow, he could pay the rent…

How many times you ask people, give me your honest opinion?

Honest opinion: One asks for this only when they are in doubt but wants an agreement from others that their doubt is useless. The answer that they are looking for is always deep within.( mostly a Yes!). There is a tendency to ask for honest opinion only for things we want to hear a yes […]

‘U’ comes before ‘V’ when learning Alphabets. That’s what you learn first, don’t forget it now.

There comes a time in life when you stay unmoved by life’s uncertainties & problems . No matter how tough & challenging it gets, you just keep taking it. Is that called as endurance. Was it missing earlier, no, if it was, how would you have reached so far. Think about a marathon, or a […]

You leash a dog, a child just needs positive discipline.

The right way? What is it? Is there any ? I don’t think there could be a right time to care for your child to hug & cuddle them, to show that you care. To participate in their achievements, to let them know how special they are, to love them immensely, to be there for […]