You leash a dog, a child just needs positive discipline.

DSC_0241The right way? What is it? Is there any ? I don’t think there could be a right time to care for your child to hug & cuddle them, to show that you care. To participate in their achievements, to let them know how special they are, to love them immensely, to be there for them no matter what. To save them from evil, to let them know right from wrong, to guide them, when need be.
Yes! We are parents & all this comes naturally to us, but along with this comes fear, are we doing enough, are we doing right? Are they understanding? Are we over pampering ? Are we over strict? Are they ready for the world ? Or are they too innocent to face the world? What if people fool our kids easily? What if the child does something wrong?
Is my child learning enough? Is my kid obedient? Is my kid eating well? Are they drinking enough water? Look at those other children around, wow! How do they enjoy eating their fruits & veggies so much? How come they eat their meal so properly while mine is fussy? How come they spend less time on gadgets , while mine does not? What is it, that I’m doing wrong?
Those of you, who are busy complaining all the time, let  me ask you something?
Have you ever taken out time to notice what your child is good at or are you  too busy focusing your time & energy on other children around? Think about it people, are we talking about kids here? There life has just started? If kids would do everything perfectly, what work would you have as a parent. Every parent have their own challenges to handle & they learn it through trial & error & it’s fine if you can’t do everything as it is, ‘ suppose’ to be just, let it be. Think about it? Are you a perfect grown up, who eats as per the guidelines of food pyramid, drinks perfect ounces of water per day, uses gadgets wisely? Did you just say, yes! Then tell me now?
How much portions of fruits & veggies did you eat today?
How many glasses of water did you drink so far or may be last week?
How many of you didn’t take your tablets or phone to the bathroom with you today morning? Did we lost any cell phones in the flush today? Lot of money wastage you see?

Did you observe the beautiful blue sky & green trees outside or you were busy looking at your phone messages? I hope you are noticing the sun still looks beautiful early morning when it rises? More beautiful than any of your forwarded images on phone? Did you hear the sounds of bird chirping? It’s more soothing to hear than any new phone ringtones? So are you a PERFECT PARENT?
All trained? Do you have all those qualities you want to see in them? Then why? Why are you pushing them so much? I’m a mother & frankly I’m tired of listening to these questions around me for quite a while now & now that I have a voice through my very own blog I feel like writing my viewpoints on the same.
If you feel like, you may read further & if not then it’s up to you. We all have our own parenting dilemma, but Parenting is no Rocket science after all. Don’t make it one.
Opinions may vary here. Read before you react…
Think about it for a second, how much pressure do you create in this thinking process? So many questions for your kids… It’s alright to be concerned but this is called as being overly concerned. Are you helping them in anyway by doing so? Are you enjoying the beautiful relationship of parenting in anyway by wasting time in thinking, how to fix your kids all the time? Are you giving them any chance to grow , explore themselves & learn from their experiences.
You are unknowingly what they call as bossing around them by setting fixed rules in the house.
Pause & think about it for a moment, you think you are better in parenting than your own parents because times have changed now, & you are more open minded, yada yada yada, then I think this should definitely reflect in your personality more than in the personality of your kids.
Take it easy all, yes, You love them immensely no doubts about it, then why worry so much? While you will waste the time in worrying & correcting them time will soon pass & they will be all big, ready to leave the home, choosing their path, while you will be left with memories…
   You may want to fill those memories of them & yours with lots of love, care, fun, frolic, happiness, understanding, freedom to say whatever they wish too, less correction more interaction , creating an atmosphere wherein Respect will automatically come with love & will not be forced. Wherein if feelings are hurt, there will be realization with sorry without demanding for it. Wherein mistakes will be made, but learning will be strong.
Think about it! If you can spend so much time being conscious about how to fix your kids? you sure can spent half of the time being conscious about you yourself as a parent?
Think about yourself for that matter are you what your family taught you. Do you represent your family?
After a certain point in life your own experiences make you who you are…no family, no teacher, no school does …of course they are the strong foundation.
Which we will always be & I owe it to my loved ones too, but we are what our experiences make us & what we learn from them. Let them grow, let them live & see them blossom through life’s beautiful journey. Enjoy each & every moment with them, be it their game time, homework time, or at times when they need that space.
May God bless all kids in this world.
Enjoy the journey with them so that when they grow up & are out on their own path discovering life, meeting people, & facing situations…those highs & lows they have these fond memories to look back too which can give them strength , give them smile , give them that boost to deal with the world & if at all they are in a situation wherein they need a place to fall back for support , for love, for a shoulder, those arms to hug  tight & take their worries , those eyes no matter how old they get ( yes, I’m talking about your loving eyes) they will be always there to tell them, that come what may you can! You will! My dear, just don’t give up, “I believe in you.”

Whether you are there for them tomorrow or not,but if at all they are facing any tough time as we know life has its ups & down & they need that boost may they have with them your positive words which says no matter what, yes! You can! You believe in them.
As opposed to ( you’re worth nothing, you don’t do anything correctly. Look at that other kid he is better than you.)  Think about it! Are you a Positive Parent?
This believe will pass on to generations & I’m sure we will be half successful in giving a stress free air to breathe for them & us. Discipline is important , but after a certain stage you have to let go of those diapers & let them experience the wetness in order to understand the feeling of being dry, in order for them to learn & grow. Work load increases but it’s all worth the efforts in the end.
  A child is a blessing, along with them they bring those giggles, those tantrums, those fun moments, those moments when they teach us to be a Super Parent & make our house a perfect Home.
If it will be quite with a overly disciplined child it will be more like a jail. Think about it!!
Home or Jail choice is yours.
You leash a dog that too, when need be, a child just needs the leash of your love & positive discipline.


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