In the Middle of the Day

Beautiful This is…

Ancient Skies

cherry blossom

In the middle of the day,

the cherry blossoms reach,

their full potential,

bursting with color,

while the rabbit nibles,

on some dandilions,

but what caught my attention,

today, was the auto mechanic,

whistling, singing a tune,

impact wrench, changing a tire,

hopeful, praying somehow,

he could pay the rent this week.

The manager at McDonalds,

smiled and was helpful,

through the worry, the pain,

over her teenage son,

she had to work, but didn’t know,

where he was, lost, was it drugs?security guards

And the security guard at the office building,

making minimum wage,

had the courage to say, he liked the U.S.,

even though he had never been to a restaurant,

or a movie, feeding babies at home,


each one had the strength of hope,

tremendous ability, to make it,

through the day and beyond.

As much as I love nature,

there is nothing stronger,

than the human…

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