Life is not a rehearsal, play the best role now.

Writer can be understood better by another writer
Just as the language of birds is understood by another bird.
An ant could understand the language of another ant.
A lot of depth & soul goes in writing…known only by a few the others are just trying. The ones who are trying with a growth mindset sure make a difference but the ones with fixed mindset try to understand only what they want too. Stop, take a pause, don’t always read to understand the life of others but to make your life better. I’m not saying to stop having empathy or sympathy butΒ  it’s very important to realize ones own blessings & stop complaining, for those who often have that habit.
When you read appreciate your eyes for your vision, appreciate your education you were fortunate enough to get it. Appreciate the technology, appreciate the day, appreciate the time you are able to spend on every little thing, appreciate your existence, understand & appreciate the message, appreciate the Now. You are alive & breathing. Be thankful & enjoy the blessing called life & live it full on without wasting a single moment.
I hope I could convey what I wish too, after all I’m just trying to make a difference. The most important thing that I dream of & as they say, keep trying! Take care everyone. πŸ™‚
Life is not a rehearsal! Play the best role now.


13 thoughts on “Life is not a rehearsal, play the best role now.

  1. Well stated Tina! Many trudge through life complaining about the situation in which they exist but they do nothing differently in an effort to change. Then they become irritated or work their way up to living in an enraged state constantly.

    Your writing is very helpful to many but there will always be those who refuse to walk from the darkness into the light. For those folks, I say a prayer and walk away because they have become negativity incarnate. Just keep shinning your wonderful light Tina for you are highly gifted in writing, intellect, and you are beautifully gifted in the much needed area of encouraging others! I pray God blesses your work in vast abundance!

    1. You are so right Tina. One can only help people( the ones who always crib) to a certain extent & rest leave it to them & remember them in prayers.
      As always your feedback & experience has always encouraged me to keep going! Thank you so much Tina for being so kind to me. πŸ™‚
      I wish I can always keep doing that. If it may help even a few, I will be more than happy.
      God bless you always.

      1. You are a wonderful Soul and it is easy to be kind to you because you hold a place in my heart and prayers. Keep writing toward a better, more joyous tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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