Unfolding the Wings

 Birds are meant to fly
Don’t cage them, their soul will die
Their chirps & tweets are in perfect harmony
When they sit & relax on trees.
& as they take their flight
Fluttering their wings in delight
Hear the melody of the flock
Together their singing rocks
Soaring high up in the skies
They send hope down to many eyes
Hope to all those caged souls
To break all shackles & explore
The power that lies in their wings
Which can fulfill all their dreams
As long as they unfold the wings
& taste the flow of the wind
& Free them of all useless norms
That stops them from moving on
Even if the path is not so clear
Faith & hope will take them there
Where lies the freedom to live life
Life filled with songs of  zeal
High or low whatever the pitch
The beauty lies in their  free spirit
All they need is to spread those wings
& unveil what lies deep within.



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