If only pure love exists…

Pure-selfless love 

Does it exists
Don’t look for one
If you have it
Keep giving, without expecting!
Don’t explain, it’s tough
Each one has his own version. 
Less listening, more talking, 
less understanding, more arguing.
Love needs no point proving.
Love needs no useless talks
Silence can sometimes say what thousand words cannot.
If only patience could hear it.
If only kindness could feel it.
If one was not judged for all things
Unfolding self wouldn’t be overwhelming
As the hidden thoughts find their way
The load on the soul would lighten away
The rain of love will caress the soul
& heal bruised hearts, left ignored.
If only pure love exists
Life would flow like gentle breeze.

13 thoughts on “If only pure love exists…

  1. Pure love exists… Selfless love.. Yes… I give it to anyone… I expect nothing in return… I’m so happy

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