Embracing my imperfections

Searching for something important

Feeling restless where to look for

I messed up the aisles in the closet of my mind upside down 

But couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Overflowing thoughts not helping me to focus

I know I need to clean the clutter to be able to find it 

But all I’m doing is stumbling over things

All this is leading to more stress

I know I need to pause & take a deep breath

Decluttering is therapeutic,  that’s what experts say

As it brings clarity, once you clear the mess

But what do I do, if I like to hold on to some thoughts

Whether I use them or not, still they are a part 

I know the aisles are full, less space to add the new

exhausted with the search

I sit & ponder for a while if this is my space, why should I let the experts decide

Clear or unclear I will find my path

The clutter may make it a scavenger hunt 

But moving from one to another may solve the puzzle one by one.

If there is no adventure in daily routine

 life would be dreary without anything to think

So, I give up the thought to declutter my space

For once, I think it’s okay not to be perfect.


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