Don’t Judge Me

Don’t judge me if I wake up late
Or sleep past midnight another date.
Don’t judge me if I overeat one day
& diet & fast the next day.
Don’t judge me if I rest or run,
Some days I want to be lazy & on others win a marathon.
Don’t judge me if I contradict myself,
& do the opposite of what you expect.
I’m a human & I may change
Some days in winter, I may feel hot or in summer I may chill & frost.
That may not go by the rule but it’s my life & I make my own rules.

You have got nothing to do with it
So, focus on yours & let me live.
I can cry tears of joy or laugh & make my mouth dry.
I can walk or I can run or dance like crazy & have some fun.
I can sit idle all day or work out for a long stretch day.
I can talk or stay quiet, I sure know how to use my voice.
I can smile😃or wear a frown 😡or paint my nose red & be a clown. 🤡
Get a life & stop working for me
I cannot pay you for your judging skills, but still if you can’t control your acts & are tempted to speak without knowing the facts
then I have a terrific plan for you join a law firm & fulfill your wish.



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