Redirecting those wandering thoughts

While I sat in a quiet room
My thoughts went on a tour
From one lane to the other recklessly they drove
Not knowing where to go
They got stuck in a traffic jam
Where other thoughts were rambling from a long time span.
My thought asked the other
How long have you been here
What caused this chaos, can you answer?
So I may be prepared
The other thoughts all anxious gave me that perplexed look.
& one of them shouted, it’s all of us can’t you see. It’s the way we tend to wander that leads to all this jam.
Another of them sighed & said in a lower tone
There soon will be a time when we will be stuck forever in this zone
No matter how much we try there will be no way left for detour.

It’s time for us to re-think & go back once it’s all clear
& warn the brain we came from about the big turmoil that could come here
It will cause much disaster if the brain will not stop draining out & would leave the thoughts to wander to be intertwined in a deadly gridlock.

So next time when you take a break from the hectic chores of everyday & are trying to relax in a quiet room, stretching all that tiredness away
pause and take a deep breath & fill yourself with gratitude because you are alive, and that’s all that truly matters.
Once you are happy with self your thoughts would love to stay with you.
There will be no reason to be restless & go on aimless tours.
One searches peace outside only when the inside deceives.
Find it within & life will be serene

4 thoughts on “Redirecting those wandering thoughts

  1. Great lines Priyanki!
    Rightly said that Peace lies within and we keep on looking for it everywhere 😊
    Happiness is living every moment of your life filled with gratitude and love. That’s what life is all about! 👍🏻

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